It Hurts

I am not going to mince words.  Being human hurts.  I do a fairly decent job at distracting myself to try to avoid this pain, but nevertheless… life hurts.  Loving hurts.  Hating hurts.  Watching my kidimages-2s grow up and away from me, hurts.  Watching my parents age, hurts.  Witnessing my own body age, hurts. Watching complete strangers struggle, hurts.  Let’s face it, paying attention, hurts!

Is this reality check depressing to you? This is what you have been avoiding – what I have been avoiding, whilst being “plugged in” and connected at the hip to my cell phone, married to busy-ness.

There seems to be very good reason to stay busy.  If we stop, boredom could creep in, and then, within the hairline fractures of boredom we might be faced with the fact that life brings with it a fair amount of pain, and really, who wants that?  I mean, even JOY is tinged with sorrow, for cryin’ out loud! 

Life is fragile.

Have you ever posted something on Facebook and then watched how quickly it becomes irrelevant, as the news-feed, within moments, forces your “BIG NEWS” off the screen?  Life goes on – keeps moving, shifting, expanding, contracting.  One breath dies off and another is born to take its place.

How can we be with this truth, without building a fortress around our hearts so strong, so vast, that it shuts out the possibility and vibrance of true relationship with others, and perhaps even more important, true relationship with ourselves, in spite of this fragile reality?  How can we invest in celebrating the moment, just as it is, instead of pushing it away with modern day distractions, just because answering a text is easier than facing the fact that being alive can be painful?  CARE-ing, SHARE-ing and LOVE-ing can be painful.  What to do? 

Nothing.  Do nothing.  Literally.  NOthing…and watch what happens.

Do I have enough courage and strength to squarely face the reality of what is, and still jump into the pool of life with both feet? How long can I stand the discomfort of feeling alone in this crazy world before the nagging “ding” of a device “saves” me from myself… once again?  How long can you be alone with yourself today – no distractions?

…I’m with you.

With wishes for WholeIness,