Let’s Be Real

Can I be honest?  I am challenged by social media.  Even as I write this, I am aware of my own hypocrisy.  I myself have become dependent on the very thing I struggle with.  I cannot ignore that despite all the good social media does to connect me with loads of people I would otherwise have no connection with, it still leaves me with an undeniable strand of sadness that has infiltrated my life.  Is it just me?

Don’t get me wrong.  I want to know that those whose lives have touched mine are doing well and thriving.  Nonetheless, there is something about a constant stream of favorable snapshots and self aggrandizing promotions that keeps me insulated from the truth – the truth of who you might be to me, and the truth of who I might be to you.

When I only show you the most favorable of images (guilty), it gives you the impression that somehow you know me, but sadly, this is just a smokescreen. Through implied consent we give each other enough personal information to invite each other in. We bring each other closer, but only as close as we can bear, which in truth is not very close at all – it is a very “Photoshop-ed” kind of relationship.  Is this acceptable to you?  Let me be so bold as to say, it makes me feel lonely.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I believe that there is a sacredness to relationship.  A holiness to intimacy.  For me, true connection requires time and space, and I find social media is a poor substitute, because it numbs me to the delicate, preciousness of life that could exist between us. When I allow myself to believe that my “virtual eavesdropping” on the lives of others is an adequate substitute for concrete connection, then by extension I also fall prey to believing that I am not reallyLiked” if that familiar “thumbs up” icon is not lit up. 

Is this really what we are consenting to as a culture?  This subtle message is not good for anyone’s soul.  I personally don’t want to spend a day of my life feeling un”Like“ed.  I want the real deal.

Is it just me?

With wishes for WholeIness,



9 thoughts on “Let’s Be Real

  1. A wise person once explained to me that if you were to break down the word intimacy, it is “in-to me see”. You are so right, there is no intimacy in browsing and posting on Facebook, but agreed that it is nice to know that others who have touched our lives at one time or another are doing well, what they are up to and where they are traveling, etc, etc. But that is certainly not true connection. Nothing replaces face to face interaction, and I am so glad we have had more of that these past few months. Keep writing your beautiful, messages an painting your lovely art work. You are an inspiration. Love, Melissa

  2. Thank you Melissa! :) Yes! Agreed, I love the time we have spent together of late and more to come soon!

  3. Know that you’re not alone….and often, not paying attention hurts more than paying attention….
    I don’t know how I landed here; I am delighted I did…
    I am fighting as hard as I can to get people to pay attention to what’s happening as a result of this over-use of cells, texting, etc…especially with our kids…who are not learning to listen, communicate verbally, watch for personal clues in relationships, ETC…..

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